Modelo cria campanha e compartilha denúncias de assédio sexual na indústria da moda

For SS18 @RagAndBone decided not to show during #NYFW, instead asking models to take self portraits and direct funds to organizations doing important work. I choose @BRACworld directing the funds specifically at people effected by flooding in Bangladesh where 100,000 houses have been destroyed and over 1200 people have died across South Asia. ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????WHY? Bangladesh has close ties to the fashion industry. The country has a $26 billion-a-year ready-made garment industry that accounts for 82% of total exports and employs about 4 million people, mostly women. Also, as I’ve spoken about before, the fashion industry is the 2nd dirtiest industry in the world, contributing heavily to climate change which, as this summer’s flooding has made apparent, “In Bangladesh…is already happening at a scale that involves unprecedented human tragedy.” (Scientific American). ????????????????????????????????????????????????????But, when we know just 90 companies caused two-thirds of man-made global warming emissions (the guardian) it’s hard not to wonder what personal responsibility we each have for the mess we’re in, and what power, if any, we have to change it. For now I’ve just been thinking that being part of an ecosystem means for all the things I cannot control, there are also perhaps dozens of reactions to my actions that I may not see. ????????????????????????????????????If you’d like to join in and make a donation go to and you will see an option which confirms that the donation will reach those who are in Bangladesh. #rbphotoproject #RBgiveback LINK IN BIO

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