Rolling Stones anunciam lançamento do álbum ‘On Air’, com faixas dos anos 1960 restauradas

December 1st sees the release of The Rolling Stones ‘On Air’, an album full of BBC recordings from the 1960’s which offers a unique insight into the formative days of the band. This is the Stones where it all started, playing the music they loved so much – Blues, R&B; and even Country. Each track has been revolutionary restored via ‘Audio Source Separation’ and you will be able to hear the remarkable difference this makes to each track. Available to pre-order now on a variety of formats including a limited edition deluxe yellow vinyl, exclusive to the Stones store, album and book bundles, plus CD and digital, where you will instantly receive a recording of the single ‘Come On’ when you download. Tap the link in the bio to order. #StonesOnAir

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